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How to stop comparing yourself to others in 10 steps....

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

1. Follow people on instagram who make you feel worthless and anxious -

It's a great thing to follow people on instagram who make you feel like shit, who make you feel like your inadequate and make your life feel a little boring. They make you much happier, stop you from comparing yourself to others and make your life a better place to be. Said no one ever.

2. Go to the gym and stare at everyone and wish your body looked like theirs -

When you get yourself to the gym and you look at other people and wished you looked like them, it really sets you up for the day don't you think? I mean you should try it one day if you haven't, it really worked out for me and I felt amazing for the rest of the day then because I knew I could easily look like someone else because we all have the same genetics! Said no one ever.

3. compare your 25 years of age salary to someones 35 Years of age salary - You should definitely compare your money to other people, who have more experience than you and who are older than you because they've being working a lot longer than you and have more asset's than you do because they've had more time to save for them or buy things or get themselves a mortgage and pay off a nice car. I mean what's the point of thinking that time isn't on their side at all and that we should all be in the same position? Pointless. Said no one ever.

4. Get yourself in debt to have a fancy car on your drive you can't really afford - I mean that's the goal in life right? To have a really fancy car so everyone thinks we are really cool and must have a really great life because we have that really expensive car on the drive. Even though it cost's us half or more of our monthly wage and we are practically in debt because of it? But no one knows that so does it really matter? Oh not at all, if no one knows how much we struggle to pay for that car but instead think we are balling because we have it, it really doesn't matter. Said no one ever.

5. Go to the gym and lift weights just because everyone else does it - I mean how else are you supposed to get fit and healthy? go out walking? play tennis? play netball? absolutely not! Just get into the gym and lift weights even though you really don't like doing it! Remember the theme here :)

6. Get married to someone you don't even love just because it feels like everyone else is getting married - Im sure when we all sat at school and day dreamt about our future wedding day, we all dreamt that we would one day marry someone that didn't really make us happy, someone we were kind of just settling for, someone who actually made us a worse version of ourselves because why not? it's what a lot of people do and we just want a wedding before we are 35 right so it doesn't really matter if that person isn't for us? WRONG.

7. Throw your river island handbag away and trade it for the latest Gucci bag - You love your river island handbag and there's nothing wrong with it but society is telling you to throw it away and put the Gucci one on credit card, so go do it girl or you definitely will not be cool enough to survive life!

8. Tell yourself you deserve no happiness and tell others that too - Everyday when you wake up, look in that mirror and tell yourself you don't deserve to happy and that being negative is the way forward. When you get to work or seeing your friends, you tell them that too. Tell them they don't deserve happiness and that life should be miserable. I mean you usually tell yourself so why not tell somebody else, make them feel really good too!

9. Starve yourself to death just so you can have a 6 pack - Having a 6 pac is great, we hardly eat, we feel hungry all the time and our mood swings are horrendous. But it's all good because we actually have a 6 pac and so many people look up to us and wish that they had one too! It makes us a much better and healthier person if we have a 6 pac compared to somebody that doesn't! It's so easy to maintain and we can live a great life too and eat out all the time, have a few drinks often with our friends, eat our favourite foods weekly and just genuinely look and feel great 24/7. Said no one ever.

10. Ignore everything I have just said and do the complete opposite -

Funny isn't it, how when you say something the other way round it sounds completely ridiculous? Yet we do these things day in and day out and wonder why some of us aren't happy. If I was to sit here and write 10 steps to stop comparing yourself to others and tell you to delete people off social media who made you feel a little worthless, you probably wouldn't do it......but because I've told you to follow people who make you feel that way, your response is probably, WHY THE FUCK WOULD I DO THAT? but you probably still do, but maybe this way will make you think a little different?

Disclaimer: there is nothing wrong with designer handbags and fancy cars if you can easily afford those things and you are doing it for yourself ( I love a designer handbag) but do not do it to impress other people or get yourself into debt because of it!

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