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Getting back on track after a holiday?

Again, the point of this blog post is written in the title. Smart.

I thought seen as though I've been on a few little trips this year I would base my blog post on how to get back on track after your holiday. I mean even writing this is making me want to go on holiday again because sometimes the thought of getting back on track makes me tired haha!

So first off - don't ever feel guilty for not being able to get straight back onto your normal routine after a break away. You have to remember you've probably travelled some quite long hours, your sleeping pattern has more than likely been knocked off, your eating habits will usually of completely changed and we are only human. It would be very hard for us to be able to jump straight back in to our normal lives after so many changes like that! I would say on average it takes me about a week to get back to normal!

It is currently Thursday and I haven't trained since the previous Thursday, because quite frankly I just can't be arsed! The more guilt you make yourself feel the harder it will be to get back on track.

Start small -

- The day after you land - get yourself to the gym and get on the treadmill and do a nice steady 20/30 minute walk whilst watching a youtube video just to ease your way back in. And then just head to the gym for the following week doing what you fancy.

- Keep your water intake up, as soon as your home get straight back into drinking your water and it will make you feel more energised straight away.

- Prep at least one of your meals everyday that your back and then just eat as and when and what you fancy but still try to keep your calories similar to what they where before you went away and keep meals/snacks relatively healthy!

- Make sure your getting plenty of sleep and grab some early nights, you will more than likely be tired from late nights, driving/flying, different types of food, lack of water.

'If you follow these little steps after a week I promise you will feel back to normal without even noticing and without feeling the pressure'

Usually we go on holiday for a break, because life can be tough and we all deserve our downtime. So don't give into the pressure of having to be perfect and get back into normal life straight away - it takes a while to adjust being on holiday so it's only normal that it's going to take a while to adjust back to life back home!

I also would recommend having a plan or a goal to follow so that you have a reason to carry on being healthy and carry on the exercise! Sometimes without a plan we fail, especially if we find it hard to keep up motivation!

Invest into a food/training guide or a diet/ training plan and set yourself some girls for the next time you go on holiday!

Thanks for reading!

Please comment below and let me know what you'd like me to cover on my next blog posts!



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