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Being pregnant in a world pandemic.

It was the 27th November 2019 when I first found out I was pregnant, we had only being trying for 2 months and I honestly could not believe my luck. I was so excited but I didn't want to get my hopes up, after all these things are not guaranteed, especially in the first 12 weeks!

Time soon passed and we told our family's on Christmas Day and then a few weeks later headed to our 12 week scan, where things were looking good and no sign of the corona virus in the U.K or any other part of the world was in site! Things were starting to get exciting and clothes were starting to get purchased and the pram was chosen and bought! I couldn't wait to become a mum, to go out for mocktails with my friends and dressing up my bump, going for lunch with our mums and doing some baby shopping, and all the little things you look forward too becoming a new mum.

Around 16 weeks pregnant the covid-19 started to become a little more apparent, but I wasn't worried! Why would I be? Im healthy and strong, this doesn't effect pregnant women and if I got it, I would be absolutely fine!

We headed to our 20 week scan (together may I add) and looking back, I never realised how lucky we were going to be to have that moment together, that moment that confirmed everything was growing well and our little baby, half of me and half of him was nice and healthy! With even more excitement we headed to a baby show that weekend which was FULL of people, no one seemed bothered and I certainly was not, after all we are both healthy and our baby is healthy!

The day after the show we flew to Dubai for our babymoon, a lot of people said I was mad and how can I risk it. It was a holiday I longed for and I was not letting it go, we arrived safely and the first few days were lovely! Life was very normal over there, we chilled by the pool, soaked in the sun, headed to restaurants for our tea but what we didn't expect was what was about to unfold over the course of the next few days!

Things changed daily, we soon came to learn that our job, our life, was shutting. Our main source of income, both self employed and a baby on the way, how are we going to cope!! We spent hours on our phones, contacting clients, arranging home sessions, planning outdoor bootcamps, COVID-19 was not stopping us!!

Then came the news - PREGNANT PEOPLE ARE VULNERABLE? sorry what!!

Things soon changed (again) - I had to make the decision whether money was important to me or the potential risk of my baby! Everyone I knew who was pregnant back home were fully self isolating not leaving the house, and here I was sat in my hotel room in Dubai not really knowing what on earth I should do!

One week ago when I left, this virus didn't scare me at all, life was seemingly normal, it wasn't effecting my pregnancy what so ever.......and now everything had changed!

I made the decision to contact my clients and tell them I would not be working with anybody face to face, it wasn't good practise for me or the baby seen as though we were 'vulnerable'.

Then came the realisation that I still lived with my Husband who was going to be going out to work, seeing lots of different people daily and potentially putting us more at risk!

At first I wasn't worried, he had to work! Then another day passed, another news night came up on our hotel TV and then I panicked, we were flying home in the morning and I had no Job to go home too and a Husband who could potentially put me and our baby at risk.

Been the Alpha male he is, he really didn't understand, I don't think he realised how bad this was going to get, after all we were still in Dubai where things were very normal.

On the way home I cried, I cried in the airport in Dubai and I couldn't control myself, of course he told me I was just listening to too many opinions and I was being silly. We were going to be fine.

The plane home was the longest journey of my life, it was full to the brim of people and children, everyone wearing masks, no one daring to move. It wasn't great!

It obviously worked wonders for my partner though as when we landed he decided 'it wasn't going to be good for him to work, and health is more important than wealth' - he soon changed his tune but I was glad.

As soon as we got home, that's when lockdown really began! We spent a few days sorting out freezing bills, organising home workouts for clients and just generally trying to workout what we were going to to do!


1. Im not half as worried as I was for those last two days in Dubai, I think I just needed to get home and my husband was right, I was listening to too many 'anxious people's opinions'.

2. I still visit supermarkets every so often and I'm not afraid to leave the house, if you are healthy and pregnant you shouldn't be, it has now being confirmed we are at no more risk than any other healthy person.

3. Of course I take precautions, I wear gloves, I have hand sanitiser and wipes in my car and I wash my hands all the time. Remember this virus only gets to you if you let it get in your mouth or nose!

4. I don't listen to anyone who has anything negative to say, you are always going to get those people who are far too cautious and literally bury themselves into the ground (that's ok) but I am not one of those people and I will not be controlled by them either.

5. I feel it's my duty to make other pregnant women feel positive and safe, and that leaving the house is actually ok and it's good for our mental sanity which is something we really need growing a baby inside us!

Yes we cannot go out shopping for baby things but we can shop online, in our pyjamas with cookies in our hand?

Yes some of us may not be able to have baby showers but are they a neccesity? they didn't even exist 7 or 8 years ago!

What I do know is - we can catch up on plenty of rest, we can get right into nesting mode, we can clean our houses as much as possible ready for our little bundles to arrive, we can spend ours on youtube watching videos on new mums or picking our baby names, we can get jobs done that we never have the time to do!

I really feel for those women who are having to go to scans alone, being in labour alone until your ready to push, those women who are scared of hospitals, but unfortunately it's for our greater good and rather than seeing it as 'our pregnancy has being robbed' see it as 'this is my pregnancy, its a different journey, it's a memory to tell the child and I am still blessed'.

Our health care professions are trying their hardest to make us feel at ease, make us feel safe and they are putting our health of us and our baby's first and that is why the decisions have being made, We can not question them, all we can do is change our mindsets to see that if we have a healthy pregnancy we are very very lucky (please think of those women who long to carry a child and never get the oppurtunity)

We are lucky that in the middle of all this craziness we still have something so beautiful and so special to look forward too!

Sophie Taylor - 22 weeks + 5 days pregnant.

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