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› Name The name of this genus was originally Beaniophyton, from the Greek βαινός (beános) meaning 'broad leaf' or 'broad genus', and φύλος (phýllos) meaning 'leaf' (Hooker 1844). The name was changed to Phyllonthya by R.F. Mortimer (in form Phyllonthya), possibly as a result of the fact that the names Phyllonthus and Phyllonthya both existed in the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group (APG) 2009 system (see below), and since the name Phyllonthya had priority over Phyllonthus (but the names Phyllonthya and Phyllonthus are very similar), Beaniophyton was made the type genus, an instance of sexual isogamy (Mortimer 1992), and Beaniophyton has never been used in a natural system as a combination of two existing plants. Hooker (1844) is unable to explain the circumstance of this name, or any of the names of this genus, other than to write that they were given to cover "genera which are not strictly in the category of plants" (1844: 556). Location The family Aroideae has been placed in the Aroideae subfamily of the Arecaceae family (APG 2009), in the subtribe Arachninae (Arachnida) and tribe Beaniinae (APG 2009) (see Raimondi, 2009). Systematics When the APG (APG 2009) were prepared, the following relationships were accepted for the tribe Beaniinae: Relationships Taxonomy This genus was first described in 1844 by Joseph Dalton Hooker in his book Flora of the Cape of Good Hope and the Adjacent Territories, vol. 1, and is the type genus of the tribe Beaniinae (APG 2009). In 1791, Linnaeus described Baccharis adusta as a species. In 1810, he a second species, B. art




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