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MALDIVES - why everyone deserves to visit and how to afford it.

Still currently sat in the maldives, on the apple iMac in our private water villa, i decided to write a blog post on it. Actually ive been thinking about it pretty much since we got here and since i was reading a book about someone who was a writer/blogger and it just gave me inspirato and i kind of felt it was meant to be - that i really need to put more effort into writing - after all it was the only thing i was recognised for when at school.

I've currently just looked at my phone and its 11:11 so if that also is not a sign i don't know what is.

Firstly - this blog post is not me bragging about how i'm so superiore or better than you because i could afford to come to the maldives, let me tell you it wasn't easy. Which takes me to the first point of my blog post. It was in fact quite difficult and it certainly did not come easy to us.

Yes we both do well for ourselves (we work long ass hours so i like to think it reflects that) but we certainly are not rich. And some months are difficult, some months we are panicking that some bills may not get paid, some months we panicked that we might not actually pay this trip off.

Some people thought we were mad spending the money on 'just a holiday' but we also think they are mad spending $100 every weekend just on alcohol - which we defintiley now could not afford to do now we had this Honeymoon booked.

Which takes me to priorities - everything is a prioritie. Our's was in fact this special trip, we sacrificied on general savings, we sacraficied on spending money on clothes, we sacraficed eating out as much as we usually would because this was our priority.

Some people's priority is having a fancy car on the drive (nothing wrong with this) - if your spending $500 a month on that then yes of course your not going to have as much money towards holidays, some people spend a fortune a month on online shopping, some people spend the last of their months wage on going out every weekend.

What i'm saying is - if you cut back on certain things, prioritize other things than you probably more than likely could afford a trip like this, a magical trip to the most magical place i have ever visited.

Which brings me next to why everyone deserves to visit and you SHOULD make it a priority at some point in your wonderful life (my fave word in this blog post) even if it takes you 2/3 years to save for it or pay it off.

I mean this beautiful place is set to dissapear in the next 30 years - how sad!

The Maldives is just breath taking, the pictures you see or the videos you watch will never ever do it justice and i just feel like very single living human on this earth deserves to experience something so Beautiful and so unexplainable.

If your feeling a little lost in life, this place will bring you back to where you are supposed to be, it will inject you back with energy you never thought you had. It will make you appreciate every single inch of your life. It will make you appreciate people like never before - the spirits of the workers and locals is just so heart warming and it makes you want to be a better person (i mean don't get me wrong some tourists here are rude and obnoxious) but not me, not my Husband, not 90% of the other lucky people who flew to this Island. A little like ibiza, i feel like the Maldives is a kind of magnetic Island where you just feel at one, you feel at peace with your soul and you feel more motivated to go home than ever before. Walking bare foot in the sand everyday, lack of make-up, no competition between anyone and know materials no matter the value really matter.

The colours are just undescribable, and the gorgeous fish that swim beneath your feet, to the baby reef sharks that swim around you whilst you take the beauty of the island in. There are many islands you can visit over here and i am certain they are all just as beautiful and as breathtaking as each other. Imagine being stuck on a desert island, but a beautiful one with food, water, a comfy bed and cot's of friendly faces.

A truly truly amazing place that will give me memories and feelings that will stay in my heart forever,

I hope to be able to visit here again - obviously paying for a holiday like this in the next few years is now not in our priorities, but it once was and i am so glad that we followed our hearts, if you know me you know i am always looking for signs from the universe and here i honestly have come across more than ever before, it was definitely meant to be to move on and follow the next chapter of our lives.

I hope that you have enjoyed my blog post - i know it's not very health/fitness related but i feel i like to give people help and motivation in all aspects of their lives.

And remember THE MALDIVES will change your life and you can afford if you make it your PRIORITY.

Thanks for reading - now i best get back to reading my self help books on the balcony of my water villa which is floating in the bluest of seas.



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